Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be on next year's EDSA board!

Are you interested in representing Ed.D. student body during the 2013-14 school year?  Run for one of the positions listed below!  Alternatively, you may nominate a colleague.  To enter, please email  your name, email, phone, and reason for entering or nominating your colleague.  Deadline to submit your nomination is April 26.  Voting will commence on April 28 and results will be available on May 3.  Below are short descriptions for all board positions:

Lead EDSA initiatives and goals for the year in coordination with other chairs
Lead all communication with Ed.D. Program Office and coordinate meetings
Create partnerships with on/off campus departments, offices and other student organizations
Assist each chair in the implementation and coordination of activities/events
Coordinate e-board meetings or meet one-on-one with each chair

Finance Chair
Develop and cultivate relationships with EGO's Treasurer
Collaborate with Finance Chair of GPSS
Manage EDSA budget and complete all necessary financial paper work regarding EDSA expenses

Event Chair
Plan all EDSA events in coordination with other chairs if applicable.
Events include social events (tailgates, happy hours, welcome week activities, sporting events, and family fun day) and academic events (workshops in collaboration with Library Services and the Doctoral Support Center and Ed.D. Program Office, Dissertation Research Showcase).

Communications Chair
Maintain and update Facebook-EDSA Group
Maintain blog and EDSA website, also update events on EDSA calendar
Collaborate with President to disseminate information regarding EDSA events and objectives
Administer student surveys, questions will be created by all e-board members
Management of student organization list-serve

Alumni Chair
Liaison between alumni, current students, and Rossier Administration
Recruit alumni to attend EDSA events
Recruit alumni to promote job opportunities and professional development (i.e., alumni panel)
Collaborate with Rossier Administration to create professional development programs (i.e., mentorship program)