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EGO Election Ballot-Ballots closes at 5pm on Friday, April 8th, 2011

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EGO Election Ballot-Ballots closes at 5pm on Friday, April 8th, 2011

Welcome all! Here is the Official Ballot to Elect the 2011-2012 EGO Board. The positions that are available are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social and Communications. Position Descriptions: President: Responsibilities include: running EGO; overseeing the planning and execution of all EGO events; delegating tasks; being the face and presence of EGO to all Rossier student organizations and GPSS. Vice President: Responsibilities include: suporting the EGO President and chairing committees. Other duties as needed. Treasurer: Responsibilities include: managing the EGO budget (i.e. creating budgets and submitting budget proposals to GPSS); processing funding requests from all student organizations within the Rossier School of Education; meeting and training all finance representatives for each of the student organizations under EGO on funding policies and procedures; and maintaining frequent contact with the GPSS Finance Chair and the Education Senators to stay abreast of funding updates/issues. Social and Special Events Chair: Responsibilities include: planning and executing all EGO events and working closely with the EGO Treasurer to determine the available funding for events. Communications Chair: Responsibilities include: maintaining the EGO website; maintaining and distributing the monthly EGO newsletter; and corresponding with Rossier student organizations. GPSS Senators (2 Positions Available): Responsibilities include: attending all Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS) meetings and relaying GPSS-related information to EGO and Rossier student organizations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LETTERS OF INTENT: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PIERRE CAMPBELL My name is Pierre Campbell and I am a student in the Post Secondary Administration and Student Affairs (P.A.S.A) program in the Rossier School of Education at USC. I am interested in the position of EGO president as it is the definitive position in representing EGO to GPSS, other student organizations and to the USC community at large. When it comes to running organizations I have previous experience from my undergraduate experience that has continued into my graduate studies. As an ASUCR college senator in my undergraduate institution UC Riverside, I represented the demands of the students in my college and organized events in which we lobbied our local senators as well as met with administration to discuss funding and issues on campus. As a program coordinator in the residence halls for two years and currently as a graduate assistant in the Office of Residential Education I have experience in planning and developing original programming as well as enhancing traditional programming. As a leader I listen to my contemporaries and try to make a reality their dreams and aspirations. As an organizer I am well versed in using delegation to create structure and organization when it comes to bringing a program together. I am also well versed in delegating task to my board members to keep them engaged and help them develop themselves into a better leader. As the President of EGO I would be interested in supporting all student organizations in Rossier and making sure that the concerns of our colleagues were heard in the GPSS realm so that we can make a difference in the USC community. Sincerely, Pierre Campbell M. Ed PASA Class of 2012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LINDSEY FOGLEMAN It is with great pleasure that I submit my letter of intent to run for the position of Education Graduate Organization (EGO) President. My name is Lindsey Fogleman and I am a fulltime student in the M.Ed. in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA) program. This year, I have served as one of the First-Year Liaisons on PASA Network, the Rossier student organization dedicated to serving students in the PASA program. As First-Year Liaison, I communicate concerns, questions and feedback from the 52 first-year students in the program to the PASA Network Executive Board. I also assist in planning and implementing various PASA Network activities, including social and professional development events. I have also had the pleasure of being a member of the Graduate Student Experience Committee this year. This has given me additional opportunities to plan events for Rossier students, as well as staff and students from other areas on campus within the Division of Student Affairs. This included coordinating Brown Bag Lunch events, assisting with Professional Development Day, and serving on the Preview Day Committee for admitted and prospective students. Furthermore, this opportunity gave me the chance to interact with individuals, both students and staff, outside of the PASA program throughout Rossier and the Division of Student Affairs. Currently, I work within the Rossier Office of Recruiting and Admissions as the Student Ambassador Program Coordinator. This position has given me the opportunity to interact with students and faculty in all of Rossier’s programs: MAT, MFT, School Counseling, Higher Education Counseling, PASA, Ed.D. and Ph.D. I coordinate the Rossier Student Ambassador Program, which includes helping with arranging recruiting and admissions events and scheduling campus visits for prospective students. I also manage the Rossier blog “In Their Own Words” which gives current students in the program the opportunity to blog online about their experiences being a Rossier student. I feel as though my network that I have already built with students, staff and faculty throughout Rossier this year has established a strong foundation that I can continue to build upon as EGO president. Furthermore, my other experiences at USC, in addition to previous positions such as Manager of Human Resources at Target and being the president of my undergraduate institution’s chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary for two and a half years, have also contributed to my qualifications to hold this role. As EGO president, I would truly like to act as an advocate for all Rossier students. One of my main goals would be to be a voice that represents all Rossier students. I would do this not only through information gathered in the monthly Townhall meetings, but also by establishing a regular and deeper connection with students in every program. I would also seek to do assessments throughout the year to give Rossier students the opportunity to voice their thoughts, opinions, concerns, and feedback. I would take the information we receive and make sure it is given to the appropriate people so that changes can be made where necessary, or even just so awareness can be raised. I want to make sure that Rossier students feel that they have a voice and can influence change. Another large role that I would enjoy taking on as EGO president is acting as a liaison to all of Rossier’s programs, GPSS and the larger USC community. I hope to continue to deepen the connections and camaraderie that currently exist. This last year, EGO began hosting Rossier-wide tailgates and I hope to continue building upon the great foundation that they established. I hope that we can continue to get students within all of the programs to meet and mingle not only at tailgates, but also at other social programs. I would also like to see there be more professional development or community-service opportunities offered for all Rossier students to get together. I truly look forward to all of the fun activities and more that come with being part of EGO. I cannot wait to assist with organizing the tailgates this fall, being part of coordinating Rossier’s Homecoming event again, attending the mixers throughout the semester and all of the relationships that will be established. I look forward to seeing the connections between the different programs continue to grow and watch us strengthen the bond of the Trojan Family! I hope that you will consider all of my qualifications as well as my passion for what the position represents and what I seek to do with it when considering me for the position of EGO President. Thank you & Fight On! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MARTIN JAUREGUI EGO is an organization with both a tremendous responsibility and an equally remarkable opportunity. EGO is, after all, charged with being the face of USC’s educational graduate students. I, Martin Jauregui, for one, see the challenge of being EGO’s President as a great opportunity to help support and develop our community, professionally, academically, and socially. Graduate school is a unique time in a person’s life. For some, it’s an opportunity for further growth while for others it’s a second chance altogether. As a non-traditional graduate student, I have experienced both perspectives. The amazingly positive experiences that I have had as a student in the PASA program, and now as a student in the Ed.D program are what have inspired me to run for the position of EGO President. As a advisor for USC’s Program Board, I have seen undergraduate leaders do great things, and I hope to do the same for our graduate students. I believe that my experiences at USC as an undergraduate many, many years ago, to my time as a graduate student these past few years, make me an ideal candidate for EGO President. Those of you who know me, know that I am all about positive student experiences. My personal experiences the first time I attended USC as an undergraduate were not ideal, and I have made it my goal as a graduate student to use my “wisdom” to help other students truly make the most of their time at USC. As an undergraduate, held several leadership positions within my fraternity and also served as a Troy Camp counselor. While those campus experiences did take place a few years ago, my more recent experiences include serving as a volunteer Ronald Tutor Campus Center Ambassador and as an instructor in the university’s American Culture course for international graduate students. In short, I am familiar with almost every aspect of life at USC, from the social to the professional, and I honestly want to use what I know and who I know to help our current graduate students succeed in any way the desire. I work very well with others, and I always strive to promote leadership development. Students in the Ed.D program will likely recognize that I lead like a goose and not like a buffalo (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). I believe that as an organization, EGO is in the unique position to really help graduate students develop professionally, academically, and socially. The Trojan Family loves tailgates, but it loves research, conferences, and helping the community just as much. Accordingly, I see an opportunity for a great deal of growth and influence for EGO as an organization. My goals as President are to build on what previous boards have initiated and to breathe a new sense of purpose and prestige to the organization and to Rossier’s graduate student community. Groups like the PASA Network, MFT-SO, TTS, SCoT, EQuAL, and EDSA all deserve equal opportunities to support their unique groups of students, but imagine what could be accomplished if every once in a while, those distinct resources and perspectives were pooled under a common cause. I envision a more effective website, where students can access and deliver information. I see increased involvement with the university community and with the local community as well, and I want more recognition for the research and work that USC’s educational graduate students are doing. I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration; I know I can be pretty long-winded. You can be assured that regardless of how you vote, I will continue to work—in whatever way I can—toward giving all graduate students’ the best possible USC experience. My name is Martin Jauregui, and I approve this message. Thank you, and Fight On!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CECILIA PAK – Ed.D concentration in TEMS I, Cecilia Pak, am interested in running for the position of Vice President for the EGO. I would like to get involved in organizing and planning events as well as promoting more graduate student involvement with the organization. My dedication and commitment to everything I pursue and my past leadership experiences makes me a good candidate for this position. I have leadership experiences from my current position as well as previous positions in my career in Education to help me be successful as the Vice President of the EGO. I am currently the ELP Coordinator for the Office of International Services here at USC. This position includes duties of coordinating daily plans for the classes and monthly events for the international students as well as running meetings. I have experience working in elementary schools as a team leader and as the chair of many committees including the Social, Guidance, Discipline, and Technology Committees. I have also been involved in many organizations working with others during my undergraduate years as well as throughout my Master’s program. I would really like this opportunity to meet fellow graduate students and gain experience working with the other members of the EGO to help make our graduate school experience unforgettable! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ANGELA IZMIRIAN I think that this year, I would like to play a bigger role in EGO. Even though I am one of the class representatives for the MFT class of 2012, I felt that I did not participate as much as I would like to. By being the communication chair and becoming more involved in the interworkings of EGO, I would inform my class, in addition to the other student groups, about all the events that were going on. I have experience working as a Resident Assistant in my undergraduate and now as a Residence Coordinator. I communicate daily with my supervisor, supervisees and their residents. I have learned that having a fast and efficient response can make the difference in meeting deadlines and doing a good job. In addition, I know that a lot of times, it is hard to connect with people through an email. Emails can easily become glanced over and forgotten. This is why I make my emails as reader friendly as possible, attracting the reader’s eye to the most important details. On top of that, I believe that other forms of communication, such as flyers and facebook, make the biggest difference. By putting myself out there and becoming friends with the other student groups, I believe that I can help make EGO into a cohesive group instead of a group with different parts. As Gestalt says, the whole is bigger than its parts. Also, by becoming the communication chair, I would like to survey the student groups and implement more of what they want to see. In the past, it has been a very linear process where the updates were passed down from EGO to the student leaders. I think that more communication needs to occur between the students other than the representatives, which would mean a more cohesive Rossier circle and more mingling between the groups. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please only vote once using your USC email address. BALLOT IS CLOSED AT 5PM ON FRIDAY, APRIL 8TH. PLEASE VOTE BEFORE THEN.

USC EMAIL ADDRESS * This will not be included in anyway in the results. It will be used to make sure that there are not duplicate ballots. A NON-USC ADDRESS WILL NOT BE COUNTED IN THE RESULTS SO PLEASE ONLY USE USC ACCOUNT


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