Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nisei Diploma Project Petition (Request for Support)

Dear Ed.D. Students,

As students of the University of Southern California, we are writing to ask for your support with a campaign to have the USC Administration grant honorary degrees to our fellow Trojans whose education was interrupted by their relocation to internment camps during World War II. In 1942, over 120 USC students of Japanese ancestry were forced to discontinue their education in compliance with Executive Order 9066. Previous administrations have taken positive steps to acknowledge the legacy of these students with honorary alumni status and dedicating both a gala and football halftime to honor these individuals. However, we believe that there is still work left undone; all UC's and CSU's, in addition to numerous private universities and community colleges, have already issued honorary degrees with the passing of Assembly Bill 37, and USC is one of the few not to have done this already. Issuing honorary degrees would fulfill our former students’ dreams as well as demonstrate USC’s commitment towards validating every Trojan’s education.

Please sign this online petition and help us raise awareness of this initiative by distributing the link to other students or alumni:

Thank you!